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+38 (067) 233-75-91

The company «PROFESSIONAL-EVENT» offers an innovative solution for creating maximum efficiency of your event - rent and sale «I-VOTE» -system.
«PROFESSIONAL-EVENT» «PROFESSIONAL-EVENT» provides the largest online «I-VOTE» - system in Ukraine - 1000 remotes and ability to work in several rooms simultaneously. Interactive voting system («I-VOTE» - System) is an instrument that allows you maximize the efficiency of interaction with the audience.

«I-VOTE» - system provides:

  • Immediate results of the survey in the form of diagrams and statistics files
  • Carrying contests, prize drawings, games as "Brain Ring" or "Steps"
  • Display several best and worst results of voting
  • Instant registration of the participants by surname
  • Showing results for each voting audience or town separately and aggregated on one screen
  • Create any type of reports with a special constructor

System "Interactive plus"

50 remotes in order to vote

Remote for the speaker


Laptop with software

Support engineer

Preparation of slides (10)*

7000 UAH./Day **

* More than 10 slides - 10 UAH. slide
** Price indicated no discount,
the discount depends on the number of rented panels and the lease term

  Download priece

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