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+38 (067) 233-75-91
We offer organization of the game "Protmušis" online between several cities (2—9) with voting system and video conferencing, and organization of the classic "Brain Ring" in one audience up to eight teams.



1. The classic game «Protmušis».


Descriptions of the system. On each table there are glass ball and button that must be pressed when team is ready to answer. At the moment of pressing the orb ignited and sounds audio signal.



Rules of the game «Protmušis»


After the announcement of question, a beep sounds and commands have 1 minute to give answer, the timer counts down time and 5 seconds before the time expires sounds 3 short beeps.


The team that first press the button (with the sound signal, ignited and lights on the table colour orb) gets right to answer. If answer is right the team awarded 1 point.


If the answer is wrong a specific signal sounds and after it the other teams has additional 20 seconds to answer. The system locks the button of command that gave wrong answer.


«False start» – if the team clicks the button after announcement of question, but before the audio signal. In this case sound and orb on the table ignited but goes out immediately after the button is released. In this case, the question is read again or team is eliminated from participation.



2. The game «Protmušis» with the voting system I-VOTE.


In each city there is a team, it can be several teams in the same city, or the city in general, as a team. The game takes place simultaneously in all cities. Questions and results are displayed on screens at the same time in each city. The rules are classic. Button of answer replaces the remote of captain or team member.


Host of game is located in one of the cities, the connection between the participating cities carried out by use of videoconferencing.


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