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+38 (067) 233-75-91

The company «PROFESSIONAL-EVENT» provide comprehensive services to organize and conduct events in various formats: congresses, conferences, television bridge, videoconferences, on-line broadcasts, seminars, trainings, presentations, meetings and corporate events.


Our capabilities:

  • Interactive forms of performing events
  • Providing professional equipment from leading world brands, screen, projector, sound, laptop, plasma, monitor, camera and so on
  • Engineering Technical and IT support
  • Translation services and equipment for simultaneous translation
  • Photos and video support of events: mounting video in real time professional lighting equipment, one or more television operators and others
  • Select a meeting rooms for an event
  • BTL-services
  • Catering Services

The company «PROFESSIONAL-EVENT» will offer you in rent professional equipment and interactive solutions for events of different formats. All equipment of famous brands. Together with the equipment you can order professional engineering, technical and IT support for your event.





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